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Retreat Description

We all know that physician burnout solutions include looking at both individual and system factors. Loss of morale is a reflection of loss of enthusiasm, which can often be seen in groups where burnout exists. Just think of how it feels to be in the presence of someone who is enthusiastic and jazzed about what they do, what they are teaching, or what they talk about? It can be a bit contagious! However, the opposite also holds true, so when physicians feel overwhelmed, dissatisfied, stressed and under-appreciated, the sentiments can have a trickle effect.

We invite you to consider new ways of infusing some enthusiasm into your group, department, clinic, etc. with an empowering day of connection and discovery through shared experiences. We offer both half-day ($1000.00) and full-day ($2000.00) retreat options depending on your needs and wants. Please contact us via either e-mail or our contact page to discuss and create a customized retreat for you.

Instructor Biography

Colin & Sara Taylor, Co-founders of Physicians for Physicians

Drs. Colin and Sara Taylor have been a united team in life for the past 23 years and in marriage for the past 21 years. In March of 2013, they launched Sara's website Sara T, M.D. dedicated to general wellness, physician wellness and personal development. In October 2016, they launched their joint website Physician for Physicians dedicated to physician wellness and personal development through online courses, and starting shortly in the fall of 2017, physician wellness retreats on beautiful Vancouver Island.

To provide some background context, Colin and Sara both grew up in the Maritimes - Colin in Prince Edward Island and Sara in New Brunswick. They met during medical school at the University of Western Ontario in London, ON in 1994. Two years later, they got married during medical school and upon graduation from medical school, moved to Calgary, AB to pursue residency training. Sara completed her Family Medicine residency in 2000 and Colin completed his Radiology residency in 2003. 

Apart from her current work related to Sara T, M.D., Sara has worked in various clinical and nonclinical settings in Calgary, AB, Prince Edward Island and Red Deer, AB. Colin has worked as a staff radiologist in both Prince Edward Island and Red Deer, AB. Apart from his work as a radiologist, he also takes great pleasure in the creative aspect of his behind the scenes work on both Sara T, M.D. and Physicians for Physicians. 

Colin and Sara have recently relocated to Victoria, BC. Their greatest joys are their two teenaged children who have added a dimension of perspective and purpose to their lives since the days they were born during their residency training. They have focused on living each and every day with them as opposed to just raising them. They also enjoy their downtime at home, cooking, walking, yoga and four pets.  

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